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Are you in need of scissor lift towing? We have the ability to service your scissor lift. Contact us for the best towing services for your scissor lifts. Scissor lifts are an expensive investment in the business, thus we take towing services very seriously. We haul scissor lifts from the biggest to the smallest of them all. We have special vehicles which are specifically designed to offer services to our customers and ensure their loads are delivered to their destination safely and securely. Our team can help you or your business if you need to move a piece of equipment important to your work. We proudly serve the Sun Valley and surrounding areas as a towing and roadside assistance provider.


scissor lift towing

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One call and we can help with all your equipment towing and transport needs. We understand time is money and removing employees from more productive activities to transport equipment can cost your company. That is why you should give us a call to handle all your equipment transport needs! We’ll be there for all your towing needs. Our fleet of flatbed tow trucks is ready on standby to help you move a forklift, scissor lift, skid steer, or even an airplane, if necessary, to its intended destination. We’re happy to say that, just about any small to medium size piece of equipment can fit on the decks of our flatbed tow trucks for easy towing.


scissor lift towing

Once you contact our team of dedicated professionals to discuss your equipment towing needs, we will dispatch one of our trained and experienced tow truck operators to meet you at your home, place of business, the job site, or even the rental store. From there, trust that our trained professionals will pay attention to every detail while securing your tractor, scissor-lift, tiller, or whatever equipment you need to be moved, onto the back of the flatbed tow truck for secure transport.



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