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Lowboy trailers haul large vehicles and equipment easily. You can trust us to keep your operations moving, no matter how large the task.

The low boy trailers are used to transport the machinery or equipment. The lowboy service hauls the equipment or machinery that can move on its own accord. This allows the machinery to be easily driven and delivered. The low boy trailers are also known as low-beds, low loaders, or double drop. It is basically a semi-trailer with a drop deck.


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There are two drops on the lowboy trailer, The first drop is right after the gooseneck and the second is just before the wheels. The drops in the trailers are designed in such a way that the oversized equipment can be easily hauled and shipped. If you want to haul big machinery that exceeds the normal limits, a lowboy service is your best bet.

When your heavy equipment needs a tow, it is important to know what type of tow truck is needed and what tools are required to get the job done, so when in a roadside emergency and need a tow truck, inform the San Diego towing dispatch center with all needed details about the Lowboy type and if necessary tools are available or needed.


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When having truck problems in Sun Valley roads or highways and need a local Towing professional to get you back safely on the road. Contact us when you need lowboy towing.

When the equipment in your fleet is immobilized, your bottom line is in jeopardy. We here at Two Brothers Towing understands the importance of getting you and your vehicle back on the road safely and as quickly as possible. Our fleet of heavy duty towing and recovery vehicles and s are prepared to accomplish in even the most challenging situations and emergencies.



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