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We here at Two Brothers Towing provides prompt, quick, and professional low clearance towing services. Even if you have always ignored that yellow bar at the entrances to parking garages, it is difficult for towing companies to ignore it. When the height of your vehicle height is below the number mentioned on the bar, you can park, but most tow trucks are too complex and tall to make the clearance.

If you are left stranded in a parking garage with an incapacitated vehicle, there is nothing worse than calling for a tow truck, then to find out it is unable to access the low clearance parking lot. For some towing and roadside companies, they may not have the right tow truck to do the work. We on the other hand are available 24/7 to provide you with low clearance towing services.


low clearance towing

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Unlike other towing services in the Sun Valley, CA, our technicians specialize in servicing vehicles from low clearance garages. There are several ways to tow a vehicle; one example, and also an efficient way, is to utilize tow dollies. When you call for low clearance towing service, you can rest assured that it is prompt, professional, and affordable.

We use tow dollies which are special types of wheels to safely transport your vehicle without your wheels making contact with the ground. This technique gives us the benefit of moving all-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive vehicles with no damage to your wheels. The vehicle will load and unload in a safe and secured manner. All of our employees offering this towing service are trained and licensed.


low clearance towing

If your car, truck, or SUV is inside a lowered parking garage, in a car park beneath a condo or apartment complex, you may need specialized towing. We will send the equipment you need. Our tow truck can access the area and get your vehicle out. We will listen to you, assess the situation, determine what kind of truck is required, and get you the help you need. Call us for fast towing services for small vehicles, motorcycles, cars, all-wheel drive vehicles, trucks, or SUVs.



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