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Long distance towing is called upon when a vehicle needs to be transported a relatively long distance, tow companies typically regard any tow of over fifty miles.

Towing your vehicle long distance should not give you a lot of stress. Whether you want to move your car over to another city or a state, we will safely tow your vehicle from its present location to where it should go. If you are living in Sun Valley, CA., and you need a long distance towing, call us right away and expect an immediate response.

Long distance towing is something most people plan in advance. It may be required when a family relocates and wish to move their vehicle to their new residence while it does not need to be driven there.


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At Two Brothers Towing, you can rest assured of getting a reliable and professional long distance towing service. We have the best towing experts who are capable of moving your vehicle from one location to the other. Regardless of the distance and type of car you possess, we can have it towed safely without scratches and damages. We use the most advanced tools and equipment in long distance towing, and we work with several highly skilled and trained towing technicians.


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Our team of towing experts is trained in towing various kinds of vehicles, with consideration to road safety and regulations. Any type of special vehicle is a good candidate for long distance towing, for example, an SUV, a vintage vehicle, or even a motorcycle.

Whether local or long distance, we here at Two Brothers Towing provides the reliable, professional service you deserve. We are available 24/7. Our team consists of skilled and experienced technicians. Not forgetting to mention our large fleet of tow trucks; we always ensure they are well-maintained to be ready for any towing tasks. Give us a call today for our services and for more information!



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