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We provide a variety of fifth wheel towing services, to get your equipment where it needs to be. Fifth wheel towing provides several benefits for those transporting equipment. While fifth wheel transport moves a variety of trailer types, it also offers alternatives to regular flatbed or other towing equipment. When it comes to fifth wheel transport, we provide custom solutions to fit your needs. Depending on the type of equipment, you may need a ball hitch, pintle hook, or removable gooseneck. There are several other hitch type options for 5th wheel transport. Fifth wheel transport also moves a variety of trailer types carrying cargo, such as cars, trucks, and more.

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Our newest truck can remove vehicles from most parking garages, it’s also fully equipped to safely move fifth wheel campers, bumper pulls campers and gooseneck trailers! With both styles of hitch integrated into the bed, a Prodigy electric trailer brake controller, and airlift suspension, we are set up to get your rig off the highway, and to your home or the shop of your choosing. Our experience even lets us help with trailers that have a broken spring, a blowout, and many other problems.



Some can tow campers with a heavy wrecker, one that has the equipment and suspension needed for towing semi-trailers or even tractor-trailer combinations. These large wreckers have stiff suspensions, command equally large towing rates, and may have difficulty maneuvering your trailer into or out of a typical RV parking spot. Some are heavy enough they will break your concrete driveway. With a relatively small turning radius and four-wheel drive, we can maneuver your trailer into places the other guys cannot. With our tow truck, we can also carry up to 4 passengers in safety and air conditioned comfort. Whether you are traveling in the Sun Valley area and experience tow vehicle trouble, or have a camper that you need to be relocated, contact us! We have the appropriate equipment, experience, and insurance to cover your needs.



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