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It is an awful feeling of facing a vehicle breaking down. This is especially terrifying when it occurs during the late hours in the middle of the night. You may not know what to do when this happens to you. Fortunately, we are available for 24 hours. Our team consists of experienced and professional tow truck drivers who are well aware of how stressful this situation can be. We are equipped with all the essential towing equipment and tow trucks to handle your emergency towing needs.


emergency towing

24 Hour Emergency Towing and

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Although most of the roadside issues are often minor, they can range from flat tires, the need to fuel the gas tank, or jump start a car battery. We will bring everything to get you back up on the road again. Otherwise, if you need an emergency tow due to mechanical issues, we can also do so at a moment’s notice. Our emergency towing services are here to provide fast assistance to local residents stranded in the vicinity or anywhere else in Sun Valley. A good towing company like ours can offer precious assistance when you are in dire straits. Roadside rescue is only one call away. If you are looking for an emergency towing service near you, you now know who to call.



With a couple of towing companies willing to pick you up at any time, how do you know which is best? We distinguish ourselves from the competition in many ways: We have the right equipment for your needs. Whether you have a motorcycle that you need to be secured or need help in towing a truck, we have the right tools for the job. Experience matters in the towing business. But so does continuing education. Our towing technicians stay up to date on the latest and best techniques. Especially after an accident, calling for a tow truck can be a jarring experience. We help by having quality service. This includes both our dispatch team and truck drivers; we always treat you with respect!



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